Feeding Set (Soft Spoon & Feeding Bowl) *BPA FREE*

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Ada sesiapa mencari feeding set ini?

Code : Feeding Set (Soft Spoon & Feeding Bowl) *BPA FREE*
Details : 
The first time a baby is fed solid food is a great experience for parents and baby alike. MAM designers have made sure this is the case. The perfect combination of function and design meets the highest standards. The Feeding Set consists of two parts:

The Feeding Bowl - It's easy to hold with one hand while the other is left free for feeding. Also perfect if you're on the move as the lid always stays tight.
The smart Soft Spoon with heat sensor - It works in a very simple way: If the food is too hot, the spoon changes colour. Babies love the Soft Spoon.

Color : Pink

Price : RM 23

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